Tuerhong Guliniali is a creative producer, desinger, and researcher based in Brooklyn (2024). Tuerhong applies her critical media studies research interest into the intersection of design and technology. Tuerhong’s design research focuses on technology & machine learning, race as technology, and poetic storytelling in understanding reclamation of self within and beyond digital media.  As a radio producer and curator, Tuerhong interviews young emerging artists around the global internet through her show gtalks! radio, a bi-monthly interview program that shares stories to inspire and connect with like minded people, at dublab radio.

gtalks! radio (selected interviews)
Radio Production, Brand Identity, Visual Design 2019 ~

What Is Your Name?
Website Design, Data Collection, Interview 2024 

Til (Tongue)
    Python, Video Archive, Website Design, Research 2023 ~

Group Event Poster
  • Typography, Graphic Design 2024

Aura-Freak; Do Nothing Without Intention
  • Event Management, Creative Direction, DJ 2024